Monday, July 2, 2007

We are Not Alone

Here's the take home message from the past couple of weeks: we're not alone as individuals struggling to care for our parents (and grandparents) as well as our children (and grandchildren).

As our generation ages, many millions of us are now in the sandwich generation, looking for good quality care for our aging parents while keeping all the other balls in the air. News reports on the network news, articles in major magazines and internet stories all confirm this fact: we're not alone.

As more and more of us face these challenges, the marketplace phenomena occurs: things change to respond to needs and demands. Nursing home become much more user friendly (did you catch the featured nursing home that Charlie Gibson visited whose hub was the kitchen, not the nurses station?); support options increase.

Those of us in the profession of senior care and services need to stay in the loop or we'll be left behind by more responsive, innovative providers. It's time to change - and it's time to support each other in this journey.

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