Friday, August 9, 2013

Consumers want - and deserve - so much more

We have a saying in our office that the senior care industry is only one lead news story away from some drastically increased regulations.

We may have seen that one news story recently.  The Frontline piece, Life and Death in Assisted Living, may have scared consumers enough that they start asking - and pushing - for regulations that change the senior care industry.

Caregiving has been approaching an interesting crossroad for some time now.  It's that moment in time when an aging population puts so much stress on the healthcare/caregiving field that something has to give.

That "something" had better not be quality of care!

What it needs to be is a renewed focus on who is providing the caregiving.  It needs to be a focus on the qualifications of caregivers - their training, screening and their compensation, too.

Check out one organization that advocates for direct care workers - the Direct Care Alliance.  They've created a Credentialing exam that they're trying to get adopted nationally - and we've got a great online course that is one option to prepare people to take the course.  Together, we can effect change in one area it is most needed.

Change is indeed coming to Caregiving.