Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Who Takes Care of the Elders?

Thank you to this blogger who shared her agony watching an elderly couple with 5 children try to navigage through some serious problems by themselves. She asked, "Where are their kids?" Many people answered, with responses varying from, "I can relate - I'm not there for my parents, either" - for a variety of reasons - to those who said, "I'd be there no matter what."

Those of us who live the Sandwich Generation life - or worse, the super-sandwichers, those who have children AND grandchildren, parents AND grandparents (like me) and are balancing a career that is demanding and energy-consuming have some super-challenges.

There is no way for me to be there for my oldest daughter, who is graduating from college this weekend, AND my 73 year old mother, who needs someone to drive her to the train station to visit her 95 year old mother back east.

That's just one example of what feels like every day of my life. I know I'm not alone in this incredible challenge.

For my part, if I have to choose between the needs of my children and my parents I choose my children almost every time - my mother has had a full life; my kids are just starting on their life journeys and still need parenting.

So who helps the parents/grands? Thank God for kind, generous people like you, who, in your professional capacity listen, support and care.

It takes more than a village with our current longevity - it may, in fact, take us all.

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and I am glad that it inspired you to make a post about it yourself.

    You know I have been in the same boat. I have nursed my parents, my dying sister,and my in laws. I don't have grandchildren yet but if they needed me I would be there. I live on Vancouver Island my girls live in Vancouver. Now that is not that far but it is an 45min drive to the ferry an 1 1/2 hour ferry ride then another 45 mins to my daughter. But if she needed me I would be there. When there grandfather had surgery I went was I who spoke with the doctors and found out he had a heart attack..they had never mentioned it to was I who coordinated things for him did I have to take time off of bet I did....was it worth bet it was. I don't care how far they are from me...I will always be there to set things up for them...make sure there is a plan in and if necessary come and be with them....we owe them that.

    I have difficulties understanding families that don't take the time to at least come and check things out...make sure that mom or dad or grandparents are ok....get them settled in or be the liason person...yes we all have lives...but you know that can be taken from us in a heart beat...I have experienced that to many times in my personal life and have witnessed it in my profession....there is no time like now.....

    Again thanks for your comments