Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Technology and Independence

Last week I attended a great presentation at the Oregon State capitol building in Salem, presented by CAST (Center for Aging Services Technology) and Orcatech (Oregon Center for Aging and Technology).

Although it's exciting to see all of the brainpower working on the task of helping older people stay independent as long as possible - the number one concern of aging boomers - at the same time it is a bit discouraging to see the time lines of availability of these products. Many of them are still in development and won't be available, at the earliest, until late 2008.

The day after this event I attended a fund raiser for a local foundation, the Jessie F. Richardson foundation, for their work helping seniors in Nicaragua. At the fundraiser the point was made that over 70% of the world's senior citizens will be in developing or 3rd world countries within the next 15 years. Makes the work of this foundation and others like it seem even more important. Check it out!

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