Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Doors Opening Through e-learning

Our company is on the verge of the formal launch of our online nursing assistant course, in partnership with Oregon Health Care Association. The nursing assistant course is required to become a CNA in Oregon - and, for the first time ever in this state, the OHCA/aQuire course allows the classroom portion of it to be done online. Following the online portion of the course the student completes lab and clinical training at one of 45 participating nursing facilities state-wide. This is by far the largest, most comprehensive nursing assistant course in the state.

We're excited about the potential to train many individuals for this incredibly important work. Already, without any publicity at all, we've gotten dozens of interested individuals who are ready to start today.

Many of them are people who haven't been able to go to a classroom based program because of time or other restrictions. With this new online course, avenues open for them to advance, personally and professionally.

Offering this course online may be one small way we can help with the current nursing shortage. Listen to the comments of some of the individuals who worked hard to find out about this course:

"I am working towards becoming a RN and becoming a CNA is required for most nursing schools."

"I am committed to helping people and also committed to finding a career in the health care field."

"I enjoy working in the medical field. Working hands on offers new experiences daily and a great opportunity to learn. I also get a great personal satisfaction from helping others."

"I am interested in becoming a CNA because I would like to work as an Emergency Room Technician. I believe that the position would give me valuable experience in working as a team with doctors. Eventually, I intend to go to medical school and become a physician."

What an impressive group of individuals, all looking to take the first step in their careers in this field.

What a privilege and an honor to help them achieve their goals, in any way we can.

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