Thursday, June 19, 2008

aQuire Training Prepares to Launch Online CNA course

After a lot of hard work on the part of all the aQuire Training Solutions' team, along with many of the folks at the Oregon Health Care Association, we are finally preparing to launch the first ever online nursing assistant course in the state of Oregon.

Might not sound like a big deal to you, but it IS a big deal to people in this state. Last year the state legislature passed a new law increasing the ratio of CNAs to residents in nursing facilities here; that ratio increases yet again two more times. The bottom line for residents is better care. For facility managers, however, it could present a nightmare scenario when they can't find enough CNAs to fill the jobs they must fund to meet the new staffing ratio.

At the same time, the number of individuals being certified as nursing assistants in the state has been in a steady decline.

At the intersection of increased demand and reduced supply is a crisis.

With this course, we not only utilized every tool at our disposal to create a course that showcases what online learning can be, but we also, in our partnership with OHCA and over 40 member facilities (where students will complete the lab and clinical aspects of training), are breaking some exciting new ground in creating the ideal blended learning environment.

We've got people clamoring to begin the course as quickly as possible - people who simply couldn't access training without the online portion of this course.

It's pretty exciting for us. We'll keep you posted on the results in the weeks and months to come.

Read the whole press release.

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