Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Thanks, Vickie Young, for sharing your comments about my last article:

Working as a in home care giver I see first hand what you are talking about. My relief came to work this morning saddened , unable to afford the cost of a car she relies on a friend for a ride to work. Because of car trouble difficult public trans and time she had to call a taxi can you imagine what that set her back. But she soon brightened up when she told me she only had 2 lessons left to finish your on line caregiver training class.Our employer has offered your class to all and is having a graduation steak BBQ for all that finish. I think this is awesome. Our clients are very lucky all of our caregivers are getting this extra training .It works great because they can do it when the time is right for them in between work family and car trouble . Thanks for making better trained caregivers your mission Vickie Young

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