Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The journey that ends in a fulfilling career in health or senior care

Have you ever asked someone “How did you get started in THAT job?”

Many of us have following long, winding career paths, ending up at a place we didn’t even know existed.

Many of us are still looking for that place – the place where our talents and skills are used every single day in our work; where we go home each day feeling like what we did today mattered; where we earn a decent, respectable income, doing work that we love.

The journey to that magical place is often one filled with twists and turns. We may not know exactly where we’re going but we have the sense that we’ll know it when we arrive.

Often the starting point is something as simple as taking a course in a subject that sounds like it might be interesting. That course might lead to a specialty certification, which might lead to a job that – voila’ – becomes that perfect fit.

Many of these jobs aren’t licensed. Some don’t require any specific training at all. These jobs are the ones that are open to everyone; getting started in them is often mostly a matter of knowing the right person.

Until now. With the specialized training programs available you can jump to the head of the line. You can demonstrate that you’re motivated, willing to learn – and able to learn in a self-directed way, using today’s technology – and you’ll have a Certificate to prove it.

We talked to many, many employers about these training programs. We know that they aren’t required to hire someone with this training – but every single one we talked to said, “YES – we’ll give someone hiring preference with this kind of evidence of training!”

Life is a journey. Finding the work you love is the place where the journey ends and the career begins. We’re here to help.

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