Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Features from Wellsphere

Look over to the right...down a little..see the two new features we've just added to this blog? They're called "widgets" and they provide a message that changes every day.

The first one, called Wellevation, has a daily motivational quote. If you're like me, sometimes they'll seem a little cliche' or, as the kids' say, "lame" - but other times they're right on target. I'm a firm believer in focusing my mind on things that reflect my goals and my values. Motivational sayings sometimes help with that process. It is a process...a journey.

The second new block is one called WellTip of the Day. It is, likewise, a daily changing idea to give you motivation and encouragement. I've selected the topic of stress management. I think, maybe, it's more appropriate than the rock-climbing topic, at least for people like us!

Here's another reason I'm adding these features: I've been invited to join the Wellsphere family of bloggers, sharing with their larger audience my perspectives on caregiving issues, training and how we, together, face the challenges of today's aging society.

Thanks for traveling through this part of the journey with me. Get motivated, get relaxed, get involved!

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