Friday, November 2, 2007


Our local newspaper arrived in the mail yesterday - it comes weekly on Thursdays, and is full of news about our community's kids' sports activities, from pre-school soccer through high school sports.

It's also the vehicle for a monthly insert that has always been titled "Senior Lifestyles."

Yesterday the insert had a new title: "Boom!"

Clearly, we boomers are now the "senior lifestyles" target audience, as all of us are approaching those lovely Medicare years, and some have even arrived. Tellingly, while content inside dealt with issues we face - caring for our parents, figuring out when and how to start drawing Social Security - the full back cover was an ad from a plastic surgery center.

While I’m a little (OK, a LOT) disconcerted about now being both a boomer and a “senior” (I’m not, though – really, I’m not!), it is telling that as WE age, the language will change.

It will change because we’re demanding changes in the way we’re viewed, and in the way we’re treated.

And as senior care professionals, we’d better be tuned into those changes and be ready and prepared to change OUR language of caregiving, too.

Because the language, the expectations and the outcomes will change, whether we’re in the lead, or frantically trying to keep up.

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