Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Technology Promoting Successful Aging is HERE

The impending baby boomer aging bubble, the rising cost of health care and services, the looming staffing shortage and the changes in technology are creating what Eric Dishman, Center for Aging Services Technology (CAST) chairman calls the upcoming “perfect storm.”

CAST, whose mission is “leading the national charge to develop and deploy technologies that can improve the aging experience in America,” held a Technology Day at the recent American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging (AAHSA) conference.

The CAST sessions are posted on their website, and present an exciting insight into the ways senior care communities are using technology to help increase senior independence and quality of life.

And if you think this is something that doesn’t apply to the average nursing home, assisted living center or retirement community, think again. As Dishman so clearly points out, technological advancements are here – they’re not just a thing of the science-fiction future. Those companies and communities that are truly dedicated to their mission of serving seniors will be seeking ways to implement technology now so that they can lead the way to fulfilling their mission in the coming years and weather any upcoming storms of change.

This is an incredible opportunity to catch up for those of us who missed the conference. Check it out - Thanks, CAST!

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