Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Caregiver training essential

Training is essential for good caregiving. Yes, you can love the person in your care. You can be compassionate and caring by nature. You can be dedicated to providing the best care possible.

But you still need training.

Google the term “caregiver training” and you’ll find tons of options. Many community centers, hospitals and senior centers provide free or low-cost training courses. Many community colleges offer training as well.

You can order video tapes or training books. You can even take a full Caregiver Certification course online.

What’s the payoff? If you’re a family caregiver, studies show that you’ll be able to reduce your own caregiving stress and continue to provide care for 1 ½ years longer that you could without training.

If you’re a professional, paid caregiver, you’ll find better jobs and more options with training. You’ll also be able to earn more and feel more confident in your work.

It’s a no-brainer – get the training!

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